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Crunch Time - The Realest

You gotta give respect to get respect,
You gotta listen up before you’re heard.
So stop looking for pity as if you’re the only person in this fucking world.”

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Jaybird by Token Entry

Waiting for my skateboard to come in cause all that I wanna do is SKATE SKATE SKATE

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Sheer Terror
August 13, 2010
Starlight Ballroom
Philadelphia, PA


Soul Search live at Rainfest 2012 (FULL SET).


Beware, 2012. 105 Pioneer, Santa Cruz CA


Foundation at Mass Movement.

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Beware - Lost Cause

it was there 
it was right there in front 
of your fucking eyes 
but you refused to see 
refused to hear 
all this time and effort, did you learn a fucking thing 

you let it fall apart 
what a waste of time 
you let it fall apart 
you let it slip away 

every effort i made 
just pushed you away 

you try and blame me for making things go wrong 
you try and hate me 
when its been you all along 

left it in your hands 
and you threw it all away 
nothings left

Played 1073 times.


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